2008 Vancouver Buildex & BC Construction Conference

February 13, 2008 

Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
Vancouver, BC

For the 2008 Vancouver Buildex & BC Construction Conference, EcoSmart organized a session with a panel of four speakers discussing concrete and green building issues from the engineer, designer, contractor and concrete supplier perspectives. Topics included: strength, workability and durability; cost and availability; tests, designs and case studies; resource conservation, climate change mitigation, LEED and other sustainability aspects.

EcoSmart : a non-profit organization dedicated to innovation and sustainability

Prepared for the EcoSmart booth at the Big 5 construction show in Dubai UAE this presentation provides an introduction to EcoSmart concrete and its benefits. The Top Six Reasons to use EcoSmart concrete in the United Arab Emirates include: reduced cost; higher long term strength; easier to pump and finish; more durable and resistant to salt and sulfates; less water and cooling required; and less energy resources and CO2 emissions.

Presentation Author: Michel de Spot, P.Eng., EcoSmart Foundation,