Transfer High Volume Supplementary Cementing Material (HVSCM) Technology to China.

The objective is to provide an enabling environment for the development, diffusion, deployment, and transfer of a cost-effective, cleaner, and more efficient alternative to cement.
It is based on an existing technology, complements current efforts of the China cement industry, and engages construction industry main stakeholders, research institutions, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

Canada, which has emerged as a world-leader in the use of High Volume SCM concrete, is prepared to share its experience and knowledge and exchange information with other Asia Pacific Partnership (APP)  countries in an effort to support the common goal of developing and implementing clean development strategies and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
This initiative, in helping to reduce the overall GHG intensity of cementing material by addressing practical barriers, contributes to the APP mission and objectives. It is proposed to share Canadian SCM expertise with Chinese partners and lay the groundwork for extension and transfer of related Canadian technologies and knowledge such as the SOS program.