Concrete Containing High Volumes of Supplementary Cementing Materials: Special Considerations

A number of industrial by-products such as fly ash and ground granulated blastfurnace slag have been used as supplementary cementing materials -SCM- in concrete for more that 50 years. However in recent years economic and environmental considerations have increased the incentive to use these materials at higher replacement levels than those traditionally used. In some cases fly ash and slag have replaced more than 50% of the Portland cement in concrete mixtures.

This presentation discusses the technical issues surrounding the use of high levels of SCM -in particular fly ash- in concrete and presents data from both laboratory and field studies conducted by the author. The appropriate use of SCM can lead to significant improvements in the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete and some of these benefits are more pronounced at higher replacement levels. However in order to achieve the full benefits particular attention has to be paid to certain design and placement issues when using high levels of SCM. The water-to-cementitious-material ratio must be maintained at a sufficiently low value to ensure adequate durability regardless of the requirements for strength. Furthermore an extended period of moist curing may be required compared with regular concrete. Provided these and other conditions are met high-volume SCM concrete should be highly durable. The presentation also discusses emerging guidelines and specifications for high-volume SCM concrete.

Presentation Author: M.D.A. Thomas

Case Study: High-Rise Residential

This presentation describes the Busby and Associates Architects case study of the Bayview highrise building. Includes slides detailing project statistics fly ash use design and implementation process sustainability initiatives distribution of concrete specifications and results including economics appearance and workability.

Presentation Author: Robert Drew, Busby Perkins + Will Architects Ltd.,

Canada Green Building Council, LEED Canada and Concrete

This presentation looks at the Canada Green Building Council in terms of the organization s structure goals and initiatives. One of the key initiatives that the Council is involved in is the development and implementation of LEED Canada. The USGBC s LEED Rating System has been gaining momentum throughout North America and the demand for a Canadian version has been overwhelming. The Canadian process as well as the significant changes in LEED Canada are discussed and the presentation concludes with a look at how concrete will be treated in LEED Canada.

Presentation Author: Tim McGinn, Derek Heslop, Erica Mayer, Lyse Tremblay, John Crace, Ian Jarvis