The SOS Project: Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCM) Optimization System

To address concerns and possible confusion over using supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) in concrete, an EcoSmart led partnership is developing a ‘SCM Optimization System’ (SOS). This web-based decision-making system will allow developers, architects, engineers, contractors and material suppliers to optimize the use of SCMs in concrete by simulating the effects of varying the multitude of parameters that interplay on construction projects. SOS will be used at all stages of construction – through concept, structural design, materials selection and proportioning, to construction management and implementation.By determining optimal SCM levels and tradeoffs, the system will enable users to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and construction costs, and lower the environmental footprint by directly reducing the amount of Portland cement required for construction projects.

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2008 Vancouver Buildex & BC Construction Conference

February 13, 2008 

Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
Vancouver, BC

For the 2008 Vancouver Buildex & BC Construction Conference, EcoSmart organized a session with a panel of four speakers discussing concrete and green building issues from the engineer, designer, contractor and concrete supplier perspectives. Topics included: strength, workability and durability; cost and availability; tests, designs and case studies; resource conservation, climate change mitigation, LEED and other sustainability aspects.