Northwest Community College, Prince Rupert BC: Using EcoSmart Concrete in a Remote Location

As this case study illustrates implementing EcoSmart concrete technology is particularly challenging in remote areas of Canada. Availability of fly ash limited or lack of experience with the use of fly ash in concrete limited competition for concrete supply and cold and rainy weather conditions all contributed to the challenges of introducing EcoSmart concrete on this project. To overcome these challenges a strong commitment to “green” construction and collaboration among stakeholders are needed.

The beginning stages of EcoSmart concrete implementation on this project were very successful in terms of increasing the knowledge about this technology among new users. In the end however EcoSmart concrete was not used on this project.

This report summarizes the steps taken during the design and tender stages of the project as well as outlines the steps that a similar project would need to take to continue with the implementation of EcoSmart concrete during the construction stage.

Case Study Report Author: EcoSmart Concrete Project

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