Study of GS-Cem and Other Slag-Based Products: Pre-Feasibility Review of the Potential for Using Slag-Based Products in Concrete

This report evaluates the potential for using slag-based products in concrete in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of Portland cement. Preliminary investigation into the use of high volumes of ground granulated blast-furnace slag -GGBFS- in common concrete applications was carried out and a pre-feasibility review of the use of ground cement slag -GS-Cem- in concrete as a supplementary cementing material was undertaken.

Though the pre-feasibility review showed the potential to use GSCem as an SCM the environmental benefit is not as great as fly ash and the price is higher. However in the course of GS-Cem evaluation another Teck Cominco product Hard-Cem came to light. Although not an SCM Hard-Cem is produced from the same barren slag as GS-Cem and can be used as an effective concrete hardener.

EcoSmart concluded that while it may consider utilizing Hard-Cem in high volume fly ash -HVFA- concrete in future case study projects it will not continue further work on GS-Cem. On the other hand the potential for greater reductions of GHG emissions from the concrete industry through the use of GGBFS-based high volume slag concrete is a concept that EcoSmart is likely to continue developing.

Technical Report Author: Michel de Spot, P.Eng., Maggie Wojtarowicz, EcoSmart Concrete Project,