The Use of Higher Volume Fly Ash as a Replacement for Cement in Ready-Mixed Concrete : Risk Abatement Study

This Study examined the nature of the risk to the engineer ready-mixed supplier and contractor in the production of concrete containing fly ash as a cement replacement. It also examined quality control -QC- as reducing real and perceived risks. The Study found that simply increasing QC would not reduce the risk sufficiently. More meaningful tests and QC processes that will relate directly to the performance of FA in concrete are needed such as those in a total quality management approach. The Study also identified the need for changes in standards -CSA A3001- and in mill certificates provided by the FA producer. The Study further identified a major role for the industry associations to implement Study results a leadership role for FA producers and a major role for EcoSmart in addressing the perceived risks.

Technical Report Author: Phil Seabrook, P.Eng.

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