Finalized AP2K Reports on SCM Use in Canada

October 2007

All the three information reports generated through EcoSmart’s AP2K 2007 project have been approved for public release.

EcoSmart undertook a qualitative assessment and related information dissemination activities with regard to the use of Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs) in Canada. These activities were a follow up to the federal AP2K project. The goal of the qualitative assessment on SCM use in Canada was to determine changes over the past several years and to gain a better understanding of stakeholders’ position and concerns. Also, there was further dissemination of information on the use of SCMs in concrete in an effort to increase acceptance.

The EcoSmart Foundation completed these activities with the support of the Cement Association of Canada (CAC), the Canadian Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA), the Association of Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash (CIRCA), the National Research Council (Institute for Research in Construction), Public Works & Government Services Canada, Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada. As a part of the dissemination aspect of the AP2K 2007 project, the industry-government collaboration developed a list of references and resources on the use of SCMs. These resources are intended to provide helpful information to the ready-mixed concrete, construction and design industries, as well as federal, provincial and municipal agencies across Canada.

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