Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating High Volumes of Class F Fly Ash: Preliminary Results

In recent years self-compacting concrete -SCC- has gained wide use for placement in congested reinforced concrete structures with difficult casting conditions. For such applications the fresh concrete must possess high fluidity and good cohesiveness. The use of fine materials such as fly ash can ensure the required concrete properties.

This paper presents the initial results of an experimental program aimed at producing and evaluating SCC made with high-volumes of fly ash. Nine SCC mixtures and one control concrete were investigated in this study. The content of the cementitious materials was maintained at 400 kg/m 3 while the water/cementitious material ratios ranged from 0.35 to 0.45. The self-compacting mixtures had a cement replacement of 40 50 and 60% by Class F fly ash. Tests were carried out on all mixtures to obtain the properties of fresh concrete in terms of viscosity and stability. The mechanical properties of hardened concretes such as compressive strength and drying shrinkage were also determined. The self-compacting concretes developed 28-day compressive strengths ranging from 26 to 48 MPa. The results show that an economical self-compacting concrete could be successfully developed by incorporating high-volumes of Class F fly ash. Includes tables and figures detailing the results.

This paper was originally published in Cement and Concrete Research Vol. 31 No. 3 Mar. 2001.

Technical Report Author: Nabil Bouzoubaa, M. Lachemi

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