Use of EcoSmart Concrete in Residential Construction: A Case Study of Ardencraig

This report investigates the the environmental and business impacts of EcoSmart concrete use on a heritage-style redevelopment project. The project was a market experiment and is an example of producing high-quality housing through remodeling and infill in an environmentally sustainable way. As a result of the developer s decision to make Ardencraig a true test of applying principles of resource efficiency energy efficiency and healthy housing EcoSmart concrete was made the building material of choice. The use of EcoSmart concrete at Ardencraig when compared to use of a regular concrete mix was close to the same cost provided equal or stronger finished concrete had adequate workability was supported by the structural engineer and did not disrupt the project schedule.

Case Study Report Author: Heather Tremain, Robert Brown, Chesterman Property Group Inc.,