Cedar Corner, Tofino, BC: A Case Study: The Use of EcoSmart Concrete in a Small Commercial Construction

Cedar Corner is a LEED-registered restaurant and brewpub in Tofino BC. The building owners decided that the building should be a showcase for green design which led to the building being constructed out of recycled timber water and energy efficient fixtures and designs and non toxic building materials. A goal of 50% fly ash substitution was targeted for the concrete used on this project although ultimately a mix of 40% fly ash was used.

The crew had no problems placing or finishing the EcoSmart mixture. The mix performed well and showed no signs of segregation during placement. However there were problems with excessive bleed water and the uniformity of the slump both likely due to the method of mixing the fly ash bags into the back of the truck. There was also a cost premium associated with the use of fly ash because the suppliers did not have their own equipment to handle delivery storage or shipping of the fly ash. Overall though the mix performed well and gave a superior product that is more durable and polishes to a finer finish than regular concrete.

Case Study Report Author: Guy Dauncey