Cedar Corner: High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Implementation Summary Report

Cedar Corner development in Tofino B.C. is a LEED-registered project in which construction was based on sustainable principles. The project consists of a three level structure to be utilized for mixed commercial space including a pub and restaurant. The entire structure was built from recycled building materials and high volume fly ash -HVFA- concrete was utilized for all of the concrete which included footings basement walls grade and suspended slabs.

The placement of the concrete went well despite the crew having no previous experience with EcoSmart concrete. There were a few problems during the pour particularly the uniformity of the concrete slump and the excessive bleed water and the concrete was slower to set than expected. However this was likely because the recommended accelerator was not used and the batch plant did not have an adequate water control system so the net mixing water was higher than it should have been.

This report provides details of the test reports concrete properties mix properties and mix proportions as well as several photographs.

Case Study Report Author: Kyle Dolan, E.I.T., Levelton Consultants Ltd,