High Rise Early Design Study Stage 1

This report by Read Jones Christoffersen -RJC- was commissioned by EcoSmart to investigate alternative structural slab systems for a typical high rise building in Vancouver that could use increased levels of supplementary cementing materials -SCMs- to replace normal Portland cement in slab construction. Stage 1 of the project outlined in the report describes three structural systems with schematic drawings of the floor slab. The systems examined in this report include lift slab construction hybrid precast/cast-in-place concrete deck and the Hambro joist system. RJC also briefly looks at the PRESSS system and proposes an additional concept for increasing the use of SCMs in high rise construction which is to combine radiant floor heating with slab temperature control during the curing period. The report includes an examination of the advantages and disadvantages for each system and a comparison of concrete volumes.

Technical Report Author: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd

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