Fly Ash Concrete Trials, Government of Canada Building, Yellowknife NT

In the Spring of 2004 Public Works and Government Services Canada -PWGSC- will be constructing a new low-rise office building in Yellowknife NT. EBA Engineering Consultants -EBA- was retained to review the concrete specifications for the project and to complete the laboratory trials to assist in confirming the feasibility of using fly ash to replace a portion of the cement in the concrete used for this project. EBA produced three fly ash concrete mixes for the project with fly ash contents of 25% 35% and 45% by mass of cementing materials. The objective of this work was to confirm the suitability of fly ash concrete produced with local materials for construction. Based on the results of the trial mix program the report concludes that fly ash replacement of up to 45% is feasible without significantly reducing the compressive strength of the concrete.

Also includes cement and fly ash test reports polyheed admixture brochure and graphs illustrating compressive strength summary setting times and setting temperatures. Appendices include suggested revisions to contract specifications and a summary of the pre-construction concrete meeting.

Case Study Report Author: EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.