Courtyard on Bear and Cave Avenue Housing – Banff, AB Case Study: Using EcoSmart Concrete in Cold Weather Construction

This study reports the challenges encountered using EcoSmart concrete during cold weather construction in Banff Alberta and provides possible solutions to these challenges. Although construction was initially planned to begin in summer an increased design period and delays in the permitting process pushed the construction schedules for both projects to the point that the majority of the concrete was cast in the winter.

To accomodate cold weather construction the concrete pour sequences were adjusted and accelerators were used as required to keep the overall project schedule on track. Additional concrete testing was undertaken by means of field-cured cylinders to closely monitor the strength gain of the EcoSmart concrete. As this report explains the projects were able to collect valuable data on the use of accelerators and strength gain at lower temperatures.

Case Study Report Author: Kristy Neish, E.I.T., Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd,