Extension of the SOS Project to China

A key Canadian initiative in addressing the issue of Green House Gas emissions related to cement and concrete is the development of the SOS program.  The SCM Optimization System (SOS) project – led by EcoSmart and involving a consortium of Canadian universities, cement companies, government organizations, engineering and construction companies, architects and developers – aims to develop a web-based computer application to provide online expert guidance concerning all aspects of performance of concrete structures that incorporate Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs) at all stages of design and construction – through concept, structural design, materials selection and proportioning, to construction management and implementation.

The attached report presents a proposal to expand this initiative to China

SOS Interactive Workshops in the UAE

March 16 & 18, 2009

EcoSmart will be holding an interactive workshop and consultation in the United Arab Emirates. The “Toward Better and Greener Concrete” workshop will take place in Abu Dhabi on March 16, 2009 and in Dubai on March 18, 2009.

These events follow on EcoSmart’s consultation seminars across Canada in February 2009, which sought industry feedback on issues relating to the SOS concrete software that is currently in development.

The UAE interactive workshops are open to professionals whose work relates to concrete in some way: architects, engineers, developers, contractors as well as concrete and cement suppliers.

Participants will learn about the SOS project and provide feedback on how it can be made relevant to their work.

Workshops are free and include a light breakfast and lunch. RSVP is required.