High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Usage for High Rise Construction

Fast and Epp s investigative report reviews the potential use of high volume fly ash concrete in high rise construction in a way that introduces no cost premiums to the existing construction process. The report concludes that an hvfa mix that is transparent in terms of set times and cure rates is not practical at this time and that the best opportunity for HVFA usage lies in the podium and parkade areas of typical highrise buildings.

Case Study Report Author: Robert Schmidt, P.Eng., Paul Fast, P.Eng., Fast + Epp,

Use of EcoSmart Concrete in the Bayview High-Rise Apartment

The report details the use of EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete in the construction of the Bayview a high-rise residential/commercial building. The contractors found that EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete was easy to work with in terms of pumping placing and vibrating and produced a beautiful architectural concrete. Although the contractor did not commit to using higher levels of fly ash before construction fly ash percentages for concrete components were increased by approximately 13% over the contractor s standard low fly ash mixes. The report suggests that current highrise construction practices must be revised before EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete can be used cost-neutrally.

Case Study Report Author: Busby Perkins + Will Architects Ltd.

An Architects Perspective: Overcoming Technical Issues

The slides from Peter Busby s presentation include notes on why to use fly ash concrete and experiences with high volume fly ash concrete in three Busby and Associates case studies including the type of fly ash used the chronology of the pours contractors previous fly ash experience strength development workability finishing appearance and economics.

Presentation Author: Peter Busby, Busby Perkins + Will Architects Ltd.,