High Fly Ash Concrete: A Contractor s Perspective

A case study review of three EcoSmart projects from a contractor s perspective: the Liu Centre the Artist Live/Work Studios and the Lo house a private residence. Concludes that EcoSmart concrete can produce excellent architectural concrete and a very workable easy-to-place mix with variable impacts on cost.

Presentation Author: Roland Haebler

High Volume Fly Ash as a Supplementary Cementing Material: A Case Study: Arthur Erikson Designed Live/Work Studios

The report explains how high-volume fly ash concrete overcomes the durability and environmental shortfalls of conventional Portland cement concrete. However the decision to use high volume fly ash for the Live/Work Studios -Waterfall Building- was based on aesthetics not on EcoSmart concrete s durability or environmental benefits. The mix design used in this case study is provided in the report. Several conclusions are presented in the report including that fly ash concrete exceeded compressive strength requirements; that costs for fly ash concrete were comparable with those of conventional concrete; and that the structure s service life was increased by increasing concrete durability. The report also contains personal feedback from case study participants.

Case Study Report Author: Michael Neundorf, Roland Haebler, Haebler Construction,

Use of EcoSmart Concrete in the Bayview High-Rise Apartment

The report details the use of EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete in the construction of the Bayview a high-rise residential/commercial building. The contractors found that EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete was easy to work with in terms of pumping placing and vibrating and produced a beautiful architectural concrete. Although the contractor did not commit to using higher levels of fly ash before construction fly ash percentages for concrete components were increased by approximately 13% over the contractor s standard low fly ash mixes. The report suggests that current highrise construction practices must be revised before EcoSmartâ„¢ concrete can be used cost-neutrally.

Case Study Report Author: Busby Perkins + Will Architects Ltd.