Evaluation of the Potential Use of the Superplasticizer ALPHALITH FT30LV with Canadian Cements

ECTechnology Vancouver via EcoSmart provided ICON CANMET with a new superplasticizer produced by Rhein Chemotechnik GmbH Breitscheid Germany the ALPHALITH FT30LV which meets the European standards and certifications for analyzing and testing of its suitability for the Canadian market. The superplasticizer belongs to the family of naphthalene formaldehyde condensates-based superplasticizers. A commercially available Canadian superplasticizer from this family which is commonly used and known to be very efficient in the improvement of cement pastes flow was used in this study for comparison.

Tests -the Marsh cone test and the mini-slump test- were done on grout to determine the efficiency of both superplasticizers as dispersing admixtures of cement pastes. Tests on concrete were performed to ensure that this admixture does not induce bad side effects such as segregation increasing of air content of the concrete setting retardation etc.

The FT30LV is compatible with the Canadian cement used but the dosage to obtain a good fluidity of the cement pastes is higher than that of the Canadian superplasticizer. No retardation of the setting is observed even if the dosage of the superplasticizer is fairly high. The one-day compressive strength of the concrete made with the FT30LV superplasticizer was similar to that obtained with the reference superplasticizer which is an indication that this admixture has not negatively affected the hardening of the concrete.

Technical Report Author: Benoit Fournier, Pierre-Claver Nkinamubanzi, CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Natural Resources Canada,