The Little Mountain Reservoir Reconstruction Case Study

EcoSmart showcases climate change mitigation in action on the Little Mountain Reservoir Replacement -LMRR- project – a large GVRD municipal infrastructure works. A brief introduction to Canada s Climate Change Action Plan and the EcoSmart™ Concrete Project sets the stage for the LMRR stakeholders panel – owner designer materials engineer concrete supplier and contractor – to share their perspectives with applications for other large and small projects wishing reduce their GHG impact. Discover real practical solutions to challenges of implementing an increasingly familiar concrete technology.

Presentation Author: Phil Seabrook, P.Eng., A.P. Sukumar, Rob Karchewski, Daniel St. Pierre, John Sherstobitoff

The York University Case Studies

Presentation details the lessons learned during the York University Computer Science Building case study including reasons to use hvscm concrete and how to make it happen -what parts of the process worked- . Also looks at the Pond Road Residence and the Schulich Complex projects at York University.

Presentation Author: Monica Contreras

SCM Standards and Guidelines

Outlines the use of supplementary cementing materials in concrete including properties availability and benefits. Examines the proposed CSA requirements for high volume SCM concrete particularly in regards to water-to-cementing materials ratio and curing. Concludes with an overview of how to sucessfully use scms in concrete.

Presentation Author: Robert Munro

The Mountain Equipment Co-Op Store Case Study

The Mountain Equipment Co-op Montreal store is the first retail building in Quebec to comply with Natural Resources Canada s C2000 Green Building Standard. The project team used an integrated design process in designing the 4 180 m2 building to meet strict environmental objectives. The building structure is concrete and steel. The thermal mass properties of concrete made it an excellent material to use in the building s radiant heating and cooling strategies. Concrete was also appealing as a durable material that could be left exposed. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions was achieved to a large extent through the use of EcoSmart concrete. The concrete used in the project was a 27% slag SCM mix based on Lafarge s ternary composite cement Tercem 3000.

Presentation Author: Vouli Mamfredis