Courtyard on Bear and Cave Avenue Housing – Banff, AB Case Study: End of Construction Follow-up Report

This follow up study documents the concrete test results for the Courtyard on Bear project Banff AB. The study should be read in conjunction with the original project report for the Courtyard on Bear and Cave Avenue Housing Project completed in March 2004.

Although similar testing was done on both the Courtyard on Bear and the Cave Avenue Housing projects during the initial concrete pours -as documented in the original report- concrete testing on the subsequent pours focused on the Courtyard on Bear project as it contained a much larger area of suspended slab. In addition the stripping times for the suspended slabs on this project were not of great concern so the slower strength gain potentially experienced by EcoSmart concrete would not delay the schedule. Lab-cured cylinders were used to determine the long-term strength gain of the walls columns and suspended slabs while “cast-in-place punch-out-cylinders” or “CIPPOC” tests were used to gauge the in-situ early strength gain of the suspended slabs.

One of the most important lessons learned from the experiences on the Banff projects was that proper curing is essential with all concrete and especially so with EcoSmart concrete. On these projects it was shown that good curing practices are achievable even in the winter and can result in exceptional concrete quality. The EcoSmart concrete used on these projects used significantly less cement than traditional mixes and with proper curing resulted in concrete that is stronger and more durable than traditional concrete with little impact on schedule and costs.

Case Study Report Author: Kristy Neish, E.I.T., Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd,