EcoSmart National Technical Series: Results, Feedback and Recommendations

During the winter 2003/04 with the support of Canada’s Action Plan 2000 -AP2K- on Climate Change program EcoSmart undertook a series of technical seminar across Canada. The objectives were to present the outcomes of the EcoSmart™ Concrete Project and to generate interest and industry support at the national level for expanding the program across Canada. Over 500 professionals attended these meetings from coast to coast. These events provided a unique opportunity for EcoSmart to receive feedback and take note of the concerns comments and recommendations of the cement and concrete industry construction professionals and concrete experts. For example the cement and ready-mixed concrete industries addressed their concerns mainly: potential risks need for standards and guidelines quality control performance specifications and more accuracy on data presented. Construction professionals architects engineers contractors and developers indicated a great interest in collaborating with EcoSmart in future building and infrastructure projects and series of case studies have been identified in different cities across Canada.

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