Technology Enterprise Facility – UBC Case Study: Using EcoSmart Concrete in Schedule Driven Construction

This report considers the challenges and successes of using EcoSmart concrete for the Technology Enterprise Facility III -TEF III- LEED-registered project at the University of British Columbia. This report discusses how to overcome the issue of lower early strength and also contains information on early strength test results for mixes used on the project. The use of in-situ tests such as Maturity tests and Lok tests were also considered and Lok tests subsequently tried.

Also discussed in this report is the project s findings that certain elements such as columns and shearwalls could be reduced in size by increasing concrete strength. The benefits of this could be an overall reduction in cement for these elements and earlier stripping. Information on the curing processes used on this project is also included. This project was identified for a case study by the EcoSmart Concrete Project because it addresses the challenges of lower early strengths and curing of EcoSmart concrete.

Case Study Report Author: Diana Klein, P.Eng., Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd,