The Lo Residence Case Study: The Use of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete at the Lo Residence

This report details The Haebler Group’s use of EcoSmart™ concrete in the construction of the Lo Residence a single-family house located in the Endowment Lands at the University of British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia. The design featured EcoSmart concrete primarily because of its aesthetic appeal. This project was chosen as a case study for EcoSmart in part because of its use of high volume fly ash -HVFA- concrete in horizontal applications.

EcoSmart concrete was used successfully in both horizontal and vertical applications although for the HVFA mixes used in this project the actual quantity of total cementitious material was increased over conventional mixes with a similar strength. Further the HVFA concrete used on this project was found to have a slower set time and higher slump increasing the wall form pressures and causing slab finishing delays. Since premium form design was already incorporated into the construction budget the extra precautions taken in the wall form design and construction did not increase the cost of the vertical elements. However the longer set times did increase the slab finishing costs. Offsetting these costs were the cost savings realized by eliminating sandblasting and other surface finishing because of the excellent quality of “form fresh finish” in the finished wall surface. The cost of the HVFA mix for the vertical applications was equivalent to comparable Type 10 Architectural Quality mixes. In contrast the HVFA mix used in horizontal applications resulted in a cost premium over standard slab mixes because of the increased strength of the HVFA mix.

The most noticeable cold weather concreting problem was darkening and discolouration of the finished and exposed surface. Otherwise the use of HVFA concrete resulted in a fine dense surface texture and light colour consistently throughout construction.

Case Study Report Author: Roland Haebler, Haebler Construction,

High Fly Ash Concrete: A Contractor s Perspective

A case study review of three EcoSmart projects from a contractor s perspective: the Liu Centre the Artist Live/Work Studios and the Lo house a private residence. Concludes that EcoSmart concrete can produce excellent architectural concrete and a very workable easy-to-place mix with variable impacts on cost.

Presentation Author: Roland Haebler

Use of EcoSmart Concrete in Residential Construction: A Case Study of Ardencraig

This report investigates the the environmental and business impacts of EcoSmart concrete use on a heritage-style redevelopment project. The project was a market experiment and is an example of producing high-quality housing through remodeling and infill in an environmentally sustainable way. As a result of the developer s decision to make Ardencraig a true test of applying principles of resource efficiency energy efficiency and healthy housing EcoSmart concrete was made the building material of choice. The use of EcoSmart concrete at Ardencraig when compared to use of a regular concrete mix was close to the same cost provided equal or stronger finished concrete had adequate workability was supported by the structural engineer and did not disrupt the project schedule.

Case Study Report Author: Heather Tremain, Robert Brown, Chesterman Property Group Inc.,