Become an EcoSmart™ Partner

Current EcoSmart Licensees:

The Haebler Group
RMC Ready-Mix Ltd.
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Levelton Engineering Solutions

Become an EcoSmart™ Partner.

To obtain an EcoSmart™ Trademark License and become an EcoSmart™ Partner, contact us.


EcoSmart™ Principle
To reduce the environmental impact of a product, service or project in such a way that performance and profitability are maintained or enhanced.

EcoSmart™ Concrete Principle
To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by replacing Portland cement in concrete with supplementary cementing materials to the greatest extent possible within the parameters of performance, constructability and profitability.

Definition of GHG Emission Reduction
GHG emissions reduced from a status quo baseline and/or avoided increases in emissions that would have otherwise occurred from an increased demand for concrete.


Process for Obtaining Trademark License
The License to use the EcoSmart™ trademark and promote itself as an EcoSmart™ Partner is granted to a company or organization upon signing the Trademark License Agreement and paying a fee of $10 CAD. The License is valid for two years, and is renewable on a two-year basis.

Program Requirements/Eligibility Criteria
The EcoSmart™ Partner agrees:
1. to follow the EcoSmart™ and EcoSmart™ Concrete Principles when using the EcoSmart™ Logo in association with a product, service or project; and
2. to promote a product, service or project as EcoSmart™ provided that the product, service or project adheres to these Principles.

Restriction to Usage of the EcoSmart™ Logo
If a company or organization is an EcoSmart™ Partner but does not adhere to the EcoSmart™ Principle in one of its products, services or projects, it cannot use the EcoSmart™ logo or promote itself as an EcoSmart™ Partner in association with that particular product, service or project. Improper usage of the logo or partnership status constitutes grounds for License termination. The usage of the logo or partnership status does not imply provision of warranty by EcoSmart™ for the product, service or project.

Future Specification Revisions
The following rights are reserved:
1. to change the specification for becoming or maintaining the status of an EcoSmart™ Partner and for using the EcoSmart™ logo; and
2. to require the verification of the GHG emission reduction.


Appearance of the EcoSmart™ Name
The name EcoSmart™ is to appear as one word, with the letters “E” and “S” capitalized, and the remaining letters in lower case. The trademark (™) symbol must be included in each usage of the EcoSmart™ name. The word “concrete” when used in conjunction with the name EcoSmart™ should not be capitalized, unless it appears in the proper name of a project or a title of written material.

The tagline “A Concrete Contribution to the Environment™” may appear below the logo when the EcoSmart™ name is used in conjunction with the word “concrete” (i.e., EcoSmart™ concrete).

Appearance of the EcoSmart™ Logo
The EcoSmart™ logo used in promotional materials should be the exact replica (including colours, fonts, and background) of the logo provided by EcoSmart™ (the size may be altered).


All licensees must execute a formal license agreement. The terms of the formal license agreement prevail over the characterizations in this Overview.

Download the summary of the EcoSmart Trademark License Agreement (PDF).

For more information, and to apply for an EcoSmart Trademark License Agreement, contact us.